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Partner with Oracle Utilities Experts in projects that involves Oracle Utilities technologies represent a win-win-win. The first “win” is for the client. The other wins are for the partners.

We strongly believe in companies synergies and what we can offer to our partners and customers is:

  • Solid references on Oracle Utilities’ projects implemented for international Energy&Utility Industries.
  • More than fifteen years of expertise on Energy&Utility Industry and Oracle Utilities technologies.
  • Capabilities and experience on implementing and integrating all the Oracle Utilities Suite’s products between them and with legacy systems.
  • Compliance certification with international standards (e.g. ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO12207, ISO21500, IEC61968, MULTISPEAK)
  • More than thirty years of expertise in J2EE architectures and Oracle technologies.
  • Will and ability to transfer our knowledge to our partners and customers.
  • Stong leaning to Enterprise Architectures, Systems Engineering and Project Management best practices.
  • Expertise to identify early and accurately the risks of implementing Oracle Utilities based projects and mitigate those risks.
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