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Oracle Utilities Experts Home

Oracle Utilities Experts is a team of independent professionals with extensive international expertise in Oracle Utilities, Oracle Technology, Systems Engineering, and Security Engineering.

We provide consulting, services, and products to partners or end-customers planning to implement a new enterprise architecture or to transform an existing one.

Our core competencies and excellencies are:

  • Systems Engineering for Utility Industry
  • Utilities’ business processes (power, water, gas)
  • IEC61968 (CIM) and Multispeak international standards
  • Oracle Utilities products (C2M, CCB, MDM, SGG, CSS, WAM, MWM, MSM, NMS, OUA, etc.)
  • Oracle Technology stack (DB, WLS, OUAF, SOA/OSB)
  • AMI/AMR Integration (CIM, Multispeak, custom)

We provide also end-to-end IIoT Meter-To-Cash solutions based on Oracle Utilities products and LPWAN technologies (LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M):

  • Ready to be rolled out
  • Reliable
  • Low cost
  • Telecom operators independent
  • Perfect to replace residential manual meter reading
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