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Who we are

We are a business unit of Zeroclock made up of professionals with 20+ years of international experience consulting Energy&Utilities clients and constructing their IT systems based on Oracle Utilities and Oracle technologies.

We have offices in the United Arab Emirates where we serve MEA, Italy where we serve MENA, and India where we have our off-shore delivery center with certified engineers specialized in implementing any Oracle Utilities cloud solution and on-premises applications.

Oracle Utilities Experts About Us
Oracle Utilities Experts Why Us

Why us

We make a difference because of:

  • For the number of Oracle Utilities projects we’ve executed on a global scale for electricity, water, and gas.
  • For our ability and expertise in deploying all modules of the Oracle Utilities suite on-premise and in-the-cloud.
  • For our ability and expertise in integrating any module of the Oracle Utilities suite with systems from other vendors.
  • For our extensive knowledge and expertise in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and related IT and OT technologies.
  • For our extensive knowledge and expertise in Utilities business processes, technical processes, and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • For our ability to understand and communicate with both Utilities’ business and IT functions, facilitating and smoothing their alignment.

What we do

Oracle Utilities Experts Advisory & Consulting

Advisory & Consulting

We offer advisory and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Oracle Utilities and related Oracle technologies.
  • Capability maturity (models and assessment).
  • RFI/RFP (writing and evaluation).
  • Utilities Business Processes.
  • Utilities KPIs and benchmarks.
  • System & Secure Design (review).
  • Multispeak and IEC 61968 (CIM) standards (coaching and training).
  • IEC 62443 (assessment, audit, and certification).

Are you prepared to implement and manage an Oracle Utilities-based system?

Oracle Utilities Experts System Design & Implementation

System Design & Implementation

We implement and customize any Oracle Utilities application (cloud and on-premises), including the following:

  • Oracle Utilities Analytics.
  • Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing.
  • Oracle Utilities Advanced Meter Solutions.
  • Oracle Utilities Customer Self Service.
  • Oracle Utilities Load Analysis.
  • Oracle Utilities Load Profiling and Settlement.
  • Oracle Utilities Market Settlements Management.
  • Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management.
  • Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management.
  • Oracle Utilities Network Management System.
  • Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management.
  • Oracle Utilities Portfolio Management.
  • Oracle Utilities Quotations Management.
  • Oracle Utilities Rate Management.
  • Oracle Utilities Smart Grid Gateway.
  • Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management.

Is an Oracle Utilities application right for you?

Oracle Utilities Experts System Integration

System Integration & Testing

While integrating the Oralcle Utilities is simple, we have a unique ability and expertise in:

  • Integrating them with existing or alternative systems from other vendors, including:
    • Asset Management (ASM).
    • Billing Systems (BS).
    • Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM).
    • Demand Response Management Systems (DRMS).
    • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP).
    • Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
    • Head End Systems (HES).
    • Load Management Systems (LMS).
    • Meter Data Management (MDM).
    • Network Management Systems (NMS).
    • Outage Management Systems (OMS).
    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA).
    • Workforce Management Systems (WFM).
  • Testing, including:
    • System Tests.
    • Performance Tests.
    • Cybersecurity Test.

What we ease

  • Understanding and selecting the appropriate Utilities Business and Technical processes, as well as KPIs and benchmarks.
  • Evaluating and choosing the appropriate Utilities IT and OT technologies.
  • Identifying and defining the most strategic and effective interfaces between Utilities IT and OT systems.
  • Aligning the needs of the IT and business functions in the Utilities organization and fostering collaboration between them.
  • Managing the Utilities IT and OT technological infrastructure.
Oracle Utilities Experts What We Ease
Oracle Utilities Experts Contact Us

Contact us

    Unit RET-R5-153, JLT, Dubai, UAE
    T: (+971) 04 454 1159

    Via Luigi Casale, 7, 05100 Terni TR, Italy
    T: (+39) 0744 436225

    R.K. Mythri Residency, Flat 101
    Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India

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