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Smart Meter Simulator allows you to generate synthetic smart meters data to easily and quickly test the functions and the performance of your AMI and Oracle Utility infrastructure or to develop predictive algorithms and accurate machine-learning models.

Smart Meter Simulator

Smart Meter Simulator is the key tool for Utilities for Test Automation, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning tasks.

Testing your AMI or Oracle Utilities infrastructure using physically deployed meters is ineffective and inefficient. Meter owners can’t be available to quickly meet your testing needs, physical meters aren’t often in abnormal conditions (failure, error or alarm), meters deployed can’t be enough to test system scalability.

Our Smart Meter Simulator can solve all these issues. It generates high-quality and high-quality synthetic smart meter data to test all of your AMI or Oracle Utility infrastructure functions effectively and efficiently. It is also the perfect solution to generate historical meter data to develop predictive algorithms and train your machine-learning models for the best prediction accuracy.

The Smart Meter Simulator is available on-premise or on-cloud Smart Meter Simulator on Amazon Web Services.

Key Features

  • Simulate meters, readings, events.
  • Multispeak interface.
  • Multiplatform (Windows, Linux, etc.)
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Support multiple simulations.
  • Keep simulation data in-sync with the target systems.
  • Pre-defined test cases optimized for Oracle Utilities products.
  • Customizable functional and performance test-cases.
  • It can be configured to generate data for functional tests as validation rules tests, consumption calculation tests, etc.
  • It can be configured to generate data for functional tests as validation rules tests, consumption calculation tests, etc.
  • Pre-defined test case configurations for standard Oracle Utilities functionalities.
  • It can be easily customized to generate data for any custom functional or performance test case.

Native Integrations

Key Benefits

  • Reduce testing costs.
  • Reduce training/outsourcing costs.
  • Maximize testing coverage.
  • Enable optimal hardware sizing.
  • Reduce IT/OT dependency and risks.
  • Improve the end-customer experience.
  • Helps in planning network investments.
  • Enable advanced analytic (e.g. theft detection, resources convergency).
  • Help on evaluating new software products.
  • Enable machine-learning model development.
  • Enable functional and performance testing
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