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Oracle Utilities Pre-Configured&Integrated Systems

Oracle Utility Suite – The Technical Overview

Oracle Utilities is the most comprehensive, powerful, open and almost compliant with international standards specifications (as IEC61968 formally CIM and Multispeak) suite for Utilities.

It includes dedicated, and integrated modules, for Meter Data Management, Customer Information, Asset Management, Network Management, Smart Grid Operations, Workforce Management, Settlement and Load Analysis, Forecasting, etc.

The standard business processes implemented by Oracle Utilities (at the level of a single module or integration of multiple modules) are very close to the business processes defined by the international standards as IEC61968 (formally CIM) and Multispeak.

The suite is a J2EE modular application layer lean on the Oracle Technology stack: Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle SOA, etc.

The end-to-end solution can run in many operational environments: Linux, Solaris, AIX, Windows, etc.

Oracle Utility Suite – The Implementation Challenges

Based on our experience, implement and Oracle Utilities enterprise system is often a challenge for the Utilities and System Integrators because require high expertise on all the following:

  • International Standards for Energy&Utility Industry.
  • Oracle Utilities standard business processes.
  • Customer specific business processes (assessment and transformation).
  • Oracle Utilities and Oracle Technology sizing, installation, configuration, customization and operation.
  • Integration with legacy systems (Head End Systems, Prepayment Systems, SCADA Systems, etc.).
  • Enterprise Architectures (assessment, analysis, design, implementation, testing, go-live, operation).
  • Information Security (secure design, secure implementation, secure testing, secure operations).
  • Project and Program Management to coordinate all the internal (business, IT, operations, etc.) and external stakeholders (meter vendors, regulatory, other government entities, etc.).

Moreover, the lack of this expertise, push the Systems Integrators to propose, and the Utilities to accept, an extremely expensive and useless hardware and software licenses over-sizing.

Due to those challenges the Utilities are often persuaded to go for the cloud solution but, at the end, this approach is:

  • Doesn’t assure the required data protection of critical data.
  • Very expensive in terms of operations and changes.
  • The time-to-market of changes is very high.
  • The communication with the remote operational and development team is difficult due to the time-zones and language differences.

The Solution – Pre-Configured & Pre-Integrated Oracle Utilities Infrastructure

As Oracle Utilities Experts, we implemented those technologies since more than ten years at an international enterprise level, and we acquired all the above-mentioned expertise to support Energy&Utilities Industry entities on implementing, or transforming, their Enterprise Architecture with Oracle Utilities and related technologies.

In order to solve the above-mentioned challenges and avoid the Utilities to unwillingly accept a cloud solution or over-sized system, as Oracle Utilities Expert we offer to the Utilities pre-configured and pre-integrated system (hardware and software) tailored on their real needs. In this way, in four simple steps any Utility can have quickly its own up and running Oracle Utilities infrastructure (reliable, scalable, available and compliant with the Energy&Utility Industry international best practices) to co-locate into its data-centre:

  1. We assess the Utility business needs, technical needs and current business processes.
  2. We design the new Enterprise Architecture based on the results of the previous assessment.
  3. We install, configure, customize on-site the custom system based on leading hardware vendors (Oracle, Dell, IBM, HP, Supermicro, etc.) and we ship to the Utility.
  4. We assist the Utility on co-locate and secure configure the shipped system in their data-centre.

Deep Learning on Amazon EC2 GPU with Python and nolearn ...
We provide Pre-Integrated and Pre-Configured systems also on Amazon AWS for Customers and Partners, already moved or are planning to move to cloud, that needs maximum reliability and technical and financial scalability.

This option allow also Customer’s to maximize the investment already done for Oracle Utilities licenses since they can use the existing one withouth acquiring other licenses. Our Professional Team will assist Customers and Partners on migrating any existing Oracle Utilities infrastructure.

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